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Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

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Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must HaveThere are 15 best iPhone Apps  that can help you dance better. Here we recommend you 15 amazing iPhone apps that you must have in 2011. Must have iPhone applications for the frugal or money saving geek “If you're looking for the best deals online, you've come to the right place". or even more iPhone apps, check out Time.com's Must-Have  Apps page, of the best kinds of apps—Top iPhone Applications, 20 Money-Saving A host of new apps for Droid and iPhone have finally done the impossible: Here are a few money-saving apps to help you squeeze the most out of Store with The AppZapp iPhone App; 10 must-have, free application  for.

So, you've already purchased an iPhone and spent a ton of money. Fail. Don't despair though. The iPhone can actually help you save money! These fifteen apps offer creative, practical ways to save money. They're convenient too, since your iPhone is wherever you are. From scanning barcodes to make sure you're getting a good deal to last-minute checks on vehicle maintenance rates, these apps will help you stay on top of your checkbook and ahead of the crowds.

Mint.com :

Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

After signing up for a free account, this app helps you track your budget by sending a weekly categorized financial report. You can program your categories yourself, and include purchases made on several debit or credit cards. It even sends a friendly reminder if you exceed one of your budget categories.

ShopSavvy :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

With this app, you can scan the barcode on any item before making a purchase, and it generates a list of the best prices for the item from online and local retailers. With this quick price check, you'll always know if you're getting a good deal.

eBay Deal$ :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

You can be an ultra-prepared bargain hunter with this app from eBay. Quickly sort through the best deals in your searches, receive alerts about new bids, and manage your account. The interface is extremely simple, which is a wonderful surprise considering all this app can do.

The Fashion Pixie :

Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Love high fashion, but not the high price? This app searches designer boutiques and online retailers for the best prices on the clothes you crave. Best of all, you get to skip waiting in long check-out lines!

Meal Ticket :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

This GPS-based app connects you with the best restaurant deals in your area, whether you're local or traveling. Coupons for happy hours and price breaks are sent directly to your phone. There's no need to print; the coupons are redeemable just by showing them on your phone.

Garage Sale Tracker :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Turn your lazy Saturday morning garage sale trips into strategic missions! This app lets you search garage sales by zip code, generates driving directions on the go, helps you search for items, and even lets you scroll through photos that the seller may have posted. Free for garage sale shoppers, however there is a small price to post your own sale.

Wanderlust :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Search airfare from over 400 airlines worldwide to find the best deals on travel. You can book flights, select seat preferences, and apply your frequent flyer number from the app interface.

Priceline Hotel and Car Negotiator :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

From the founders of Priceline, this app lets you bid on hotel rooms, up to the last minute. You can search hotels by the neighborhood you'd like to stay in, and by quality. You can book your chosen room though the app as well.

ShopShop :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Admit it, every once in awhile you make an impulse buy. This app helps you avoid those surprise purchases by managing your lists of what you really need. Once you purchase an item off the list, it's removed.

Grocery IQ :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

This app helps you grocery shop both faster and cheaper. Create grocery lists by snapping a photo of the barcode of your most frequently purchased items, or typing them in. You can search the coupon gallery for relevant sales or search by specific food categories, and print coupons directly from the app.

RepairPal :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Unexpected vehicle maintenance can be overwhelming, particularly since the reasonable cost of maintenance isnt always clear. RepairPal helps you figure out the accurate cost of your repair, by selecting the model and year of your car, and the parts that need to be replaced.

Stanza :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Stanza is an electronic book reader that lets you customize your reading experience. You can choose your font size and word spacing, save your place, translate vocabulary on the built-in multi-lingual dictionary, and turn the page by tapping the screen. The built-in library links to over 100,000 books.

Cellfire :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Cellfire is a digital coupon database. You can select the coupons you want, and either store them on your phone or load directly to your savings card. When you get to the supermarket checkout, simply show the picture or slide your card to redeem the coupon.

Skype :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Keep in touch with your long-distance pals. You can make free calls to any other person with the Skype app, from anywhere with access to Wi-Fi. You can also send instant messages to one person or a group, and receive incoming calls through Skype.

Bump :


Best Money Saving iPhone Applications Must Have

Save money by saving time. Bump lets you swap information with another phone by gently bumping the phones together, saving you the time of adding new information letter by letter. You can swap contact numbers, send payments, and share many other bits of data with one simple bump.

100-money-saving-tips 100+ Money Saving Tips. This App offer simple and effective tips Popular Posts. 10 Must Have iPhone Apps for 2011 Best iPhone App For Money Management. This Apple application goes without saying as a must-have for anybody that remotely cares about personal finance. How To Avoid The Debt Trap With Your First Credit Card · Money Saving How to's and essential tips for iPhone apps money saving on on Software Tutorial.

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Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

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Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger DockThe old iPod dock works for all iPod models (except Shuffle) for syncing and audio out but it the s-video out does not work with the iPod Touch. For video out on the iPod Touch you have to buy the new cables from Apple. The only difference I have noticed on the new dock is it does NOT include s-video out, only audio. I´ve got the universal dock which came together with my 4th Gen. iPod and it works for all my iPods; 2 Nanos , 5th iPod video, I just don´t use the plastic caps to fit each model , to much work to change every time the cap to fit them . it works great as long as you don´t operate the unit while on the dock since the only one that fits nice & tight is the 5th gen video , all others are a bit loose ( they get slimmer & thinner every time ). other than that is fine.

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

I have a first gen. iPod nano dock that was just lying around the house. It is now useless because I lost my nano a few years ago. So, I was iPod-less for a sort time. After the ipod-blues... I got the iPod Touch. Having no dock for it, I had the brilliant idea of reviving my old lonely nano dock. Instead of buying another one, which is like $$.
Here's how I did it.

Step 1. Things you'll need.

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Here are your materials.

  • Ruler
  • pencil
  • sand paper
  • swiss knife / leatherman
  • iPod nano dock

Step 2. First

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Pry off the nano dock with the swiss knife/leatherman. (put some muscle in to it now)

Step 3. Next

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Put the part with the circuit and connections aside for a while.
Working on the other panel, measure out the dimensions of the iPod touch and place those measurements to the nano dock, marking it with a pencil.

Step 4. Then..

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Use the dremel / rotary tool to cut along the lines you measured and marked.
Sand the edges until it's smooth, so you won't get any scratches on your iPod when you put it in.

Step 5. Finish!

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock Best Ways To Reuse an Old Ipod Charger Dock

Snap the dock back together. make sure the outlets match the holes.
And presto!! An old new dock for your iPod.


[via instructables]

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Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

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Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPodThis can be researched in a several ways, but none better than a visit Grey, Mark "Top Tips to Trade Your iPod  Touch." Top Tips to Trade How to turn your electronics into cash. If you're like most  Americans, And some, such as Radio Shack, allow you to trade  in old devices for store credit. Have an old cell phone or iPod  sitting in a drawer? Turn it into money Comparing the many ways  you can sell your old gadgets and electronics for cash.

Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

With Apple constantly refreshing their iPod lineup, it can be a pretty frustrating experience for any early adopter trying to keep up with the latest and greatest MP3 players.  Here are 5 ways that can ease the burden on your pocket by trading in your trusty old iPod

Our acid test – Which was the most affordable way (excluding shipping costs) of getting a used 2GB 2nd generation Ipod Nano, still in good condition - upgraded to a 30GB 5th generation Ipod?

Recycle iPods the official way


Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

As part of their environmental policy, Apple is offering environmentally friendly disposal and a 10% discount on the purchase of a new iPod through it’s US retail outlets.  With this program as well as others, Apple’s recycling programs worldwide have processed more than 34 million pounds of electronic equipment since 1994.

Acid test results: New Ipod at the Apple store at USD$249 with a 10% discount = USD$224

Get a Cash Return with ‘Beyond The Pod’


Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

Operated by trade in specialists ’Drop Spot’, this service trades on the lowest common denominator … money.  You don’t have to buy another iPod from them – just sell your old one to them and pick up another iPod somewhere else.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$53 = USD$196

Auction off your old iPod on eBay


Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

If you’re willing to go through the trouble of properly listing a product, and dealing with an auction process on eBay, you may find that the returns on your old iPod to be substantially more than other methods.  A quick check on eBay express showed quite a good ‘buy it now’ market value.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano potential sale on eBay USD$99 = USD$150

Upgrade, Trade in or Sell your iPod on PodSwap


Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

While sellers could sell their iPods via online auctions, Podswap eliminates all the hassles of listing, collecting payment, shipping, and dealing with post-sale issues.  Offering both cash, and trade-ins as options, this service is a very complete solution.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$53 = USD$196

Get more money off your old iPod with BuyMyBrokeniPod.com


Top Best Ways to Trade in Your iPod

Started off in USA by Jeremy Cohen and Brett Mosley in 2006, this site has recently gone international.  Offering to pick up iPods in any condition whatsoever.

There are a few other competitors out there but we feel our site offers the best prices, simplest use and friendliest customer service. said Mosley and after looking at the numbers – they do seem to be on track with that promise.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$67 = USD$182


If you are a risk taker, eBay looks like the top option for you.  If you want something with less hassle – BuyMyBrokeniPod seems to be the best bet.

Otherwise, your best bet is to sell it. Yes, if you purchased your 3rd generation iPod Touch earlier than 2 weeks ago. Is there other ways to make that 10% go higher because I want to trade iPod Trade In Programs - Sell Your iPod - Trade Old iPod for New This is especially good if your iPod is too old to trade or broken. iPods recycled through this program net you a 10% discount on a new iPod purchase. 4 Ways to Use Multiple iPods on One Computer Put all your music in the palm of your hand with an iPod  or MP3 player from iPod® Trade-In. Exchange your gently used iPod for a Best Buy gift card.

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Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPod

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Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPodApple will recycle your old iPod and cell phones for free. Top List of some of the most wanted eco-friendly gifts and items for The iPhone models are of course always wanted and recyclers will pay a healthy amount Mobile Phone Recycling - Different Ways For Recycling Old Phones Recycle Your Old iPod for Cash and Help Save the Environment.

Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPod

A new iPod is on the way, and everybody loves the latest and greatest. Or maybe that first-generation click-wheeler you bought finally gave up the ghost, and you want to upgrade to a tiny little MP3 player.

If you're like me, you might have a drawer full of old iPods at home (honest, some were gifts!). What can you do with them? If the device is still functional, try giving it away. If friends and family are all set with MP3 players, offer it to your local Freecycle group and someone will surely pick it up.

What about fixing it? Contrary to popular opinion, you can have the battery replaced on an iPod. You'll have to send the device back to Apple. The new battery will cost from $49 to $79 depending on the iPod model, plus shipping and tax.

If the iPod is truly dead, don't just throw it in the trash. The plastics and metals that make up the device can be recycled, if you take it to the right place. The most obvious recycler is Apple itself. You can simply take the old iPod back to any Apple store, and you'll get a 10 percent discount off of a new iPod.

Give your computer a rest

Idle PCs still use electricity. Unplug your computer every night for one month, and you will reduce your CO2 emissions by 51 lbs this month.

Or go to Apple's iPod recycling site, fill out a form, and request a prepaid mailing label. Then send in your old iPod. Apple also recycles cell phones of any make and model (not just iPhones).

Another way to recycle that dead 'pod is the site BuyMyTronics.com. This company buys used gadgets -- even non-working ones! -- and resells them. Broken electronics are scrapped for parts, so they're not wasted.

You get an immediate estimate for your device. I found that a totally dead first-generation iPod could earn about $4, while a working iPod Touch would garner nearly $100. BuyMyTronics also takes cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, and game consoles.

So don't leave that old, sad iPod sitting in a drawer anymore. And definitely don't chuck it in the garbage. Give it back to Apple or recycle it for cash, and you can move on to the next song with a clear conscience.

Here are ways to recycle 10 of the most common electronic BuyMyTronics may pay as much as a few hundred dollars for your old iPod  Recycle Old iPods And Earn Cash First we had mobile phone recycling, now selling your old iPods is becoming all the range. Digital camera has brought revolutionized the way of capturing the We know that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment Recycle your computer, phone, or iPod. And you may get something in return. Apple reduces energy use in our facilities in a number of ways.

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Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy iPad 2

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Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy iPad 2Hold your money for the iPad 3. The darn thing will come out sometimes in July. I hope I my reasons convinced you not to buy the Apple iPad 2. The majority of new apps will In a little over three weeks, you'll be able to buy a shiny new iPad 2. But if you've already got an iPad,But here I don't want to sing a song of praise anymore. There are top ten reasons for why not to buy iPad 2.

If you have already seen my in-depth list of reasons to buy the iPad, you may be wondering “are there any reasons not to buy an iPad 2?” Sure, there are:

Top Ten Reasons Not to Buy iPad 2

10. The competition is heating up.

As more companies are scrambling to catch up with the iPad and stand out, there will be tons of new innovations and options over the next few months. Just sit back and watch.

9. Same iOS.

You can run the same version of iOS on your current iPad, so you do not miss a lot in terms of the operating system experience.

8. Longer accessory/case lifetime.

Since iPad 2 is a third thinner, many accessories and cases you already have will not work with it, which can be easily overlooked. You would probably be likely to spend extra to buy new toys for an iPad 2, making your wallet even lighter.

7. No Retina Display yet.

Rumors are already suggesting that Apple will bring the stunning Retina Display pixel density to the third-generation iPad. There is no doubt that this is a desirable feature, and one that most people will want. Plus, you never know what else could be in the next iPad…

6. There is always next year.

In a year, who knows if both iPads will feel outdated. If you are not compelled to buy an iPad 2, just wait to see the new features added next time around.

5. Great deals.

You can purchase the old iPad for over 20% off, and many cases and accessories are on sale as well for you to satiate for your desire for shiny things. Apple's iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and boasts more processing power than original, but that doesn't mean you should toss your first-gen If these reasons not to purchase the iPad 2 appeal to you, then hey, keep your cash. App compatibility.

4. Extra $.

Even if you manage to sell your first iPad, you will still have to shell out a few hundred for a new iPad 2. If these reasons not to purchase the iPad 2 appeal to you, then hey, keep your cash.

3. App compatibility.

The majority of new apps will still be compatible with your current iPad for at least another year or two.

2. Far from slow.

Face it, despite how fast iPad 2 is, your first-generation iPad can not be called slow.

1. It is not outdated.

The reasons above lead to the conclusion to your first iPad is still far from outdated and incapable.

No matter how you slice it, both iPads are ahead of the competition. That could change over the next few months, but if you do not already have an iPad, you certainly could not go wrong with a discounted iPad or iPad 2. Again, make sure to also check out my list of ten reasons to buy the iPad 2 and five reasons to ignore the current competition. (I think it is worth upgrading to the iPad 2, so I will be.)

Face it. If you're foaming at the mouth over the iPad 2, you already have an iPad Sure, the newer iPad 2 is more compact, faster, and adds cameras, but besides that, there's not much more in the way of upgrades. Reasons Not to Buy an iPad 2: Apple's iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and boasts more processing power.

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy iPad 2

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy iPad 2Need Reasons to Buy iPad 2? Here's what you need to know! There was a lot to glean from Apple's iPad 2 announcement. After some reflection we give you the top ten reasons to buy an iPad 2 this year. There are quite a few compelling reasons  to rush out and purchase an iPad 2. iPad 2 puts the iPad even further ahead of the competition. Apple's iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and boasts more processing power than original.


Top Ten Reasons to Buy iPad 2

There are quite a few compelling reasons to rush out and purchase an iPad 2. iPad 2 puts the iPad even further ahead of the competition, but does that mean it is worth the purchase price to replace your first-generation iPad? It may be:

10. Gyroscope. Not only will iPad rotation be less annoying and more sensitive, but the countless apps that utilize the accelerometer in the iPad will benefit from the added precision of a gyroscope if the developer adds support.

9. Built-in magnets. While I am not a fan of the Smart Cover made by Apple that attaches to only the front of the iPad 2, I think accessory and case manufacturers will think of more unique and useful ways to utilize the magnets. Smart Covers will certainly not be the only thing that actually makes use of the magnets.

8. Black or white. You now have the ability to choose an iPad with front glass in your favorite color. Well, if your favorite color happens to be black or white. The previous iPad was only available with a black front.

7. iMovie. Only the iPad 2 will be able to run the tablet version of their popular video-editing software, iMovie. This app changes everything for video editors, allowing them to edit videos on-the-go without skipping a beat.

6. Lighter. Apple made the iPad 2 about 15% lighter, which will be easy to notice after holding the iPad for an extended period of time.

5. Thinner design. The iPad 2 is definitely a nice step in Apple’s desire for the tablet to become strikingly thin. Not only does this make it more portable, but it leaves users even more impressed.

4. 3G network choice. If you want an iPad with built-in 3G, you are no longer tied to only having the choice of AT&T or AT&T. The iPad 2 is available in models with either built-in AT&T GSM connectivity or Verizon CDMA connectivity.

3. Front and rear FaceTime cameras. Now many popular apps can be released for the iPad. Augmented reality apps and video chat apps on the iPad were not possible until now. Of course, you can also make FaceTime “video calls” to the millions of devices with FaceTime.

2. Faster processing performance. No matter how you look at it, a faster iPad is nothing to ignore. From more speedy interaction to improved loading times, the dual-core processor is really a notice change.

1. Faster graphics performance. With up to nine times better graphics performance, apps, especially games, can now support really stunning spectacles and a new door is open for the type and scope of games that can be played.

Sure, the newer iPad 2 is more compact, faster, and adds cameras, but besides that, there's not much more in the way of upgrades. I have some compelling personal reasons  to go with the iPad 2. At least that's what I tell myself.

If your mind still is not set, then maybe all you need are five extra reasons to buy an iPad and ignore the rest of the current tablet market:

  • iOS is far superior, especially in intuitiveness and user interface design, to other touch-based operating systems.
  • Other tablet app stores only have a very small fraction of the 65,000 tablet-optimized apps in the App Store.
  • The iPad’s design is premium, elegant, durable, and well-built. Compare it to the many cheap-looking tablets on the market with bad build quality.
  • You can get an iPad for the same price or even less than many inferior tablets.
  • There is a wide range of iPad 2 models to choose from to suit different tastes and price ranges, eighteen in total.

If you have yet to purchase an iPad, iPad 2 is a no-brainer. For current iPad owners, keep in mind that iPad 2 not just a step forward, but a leap forward. A good argument can be made that current iPad owners should not buy an iPad 2, so check out my ten reasons why it may not be a great idea to purchase an iPad 2. (I think the iPad 2 is a worthwhile upgrade, so I will be upgrading.)

Top reasons to buy an original iPad. By cerdaskomputer on March 4th, 2011. Tweet. Leave Comment. In the wake of Apple's iPad 2 reveal, many will doubtless be keen to Here are our five reasons on why you should wait for the iPad 2 flock to Apple Stores the world over to buy their camera-ready iPad 2.

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Is Apple Will Get Huge Success on iPad 2 ?

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Is Apple Will Get Huge Success on iPad 2 ?Every tablet on the market is always compared to the ipad. The only thing the other tablets have been able to offer is better specs and a better camera now that apple has upped their specs its going set the bar a lot higher for its competitors. The price point is also reasonable at 499 where the xoom is 800. The main thing that is going to keep apple in the game is their apps they just have way more and developers want to keep making apps for them cause soo many people already own an apple product already.

Six reasons iPad 2 will be a huge success for Apple

Since last Wednesday's announcement of the iPad 2, we've heard a lot of tech bloggers stating that they think the newest Apple tablet is going to be a flop. Well, maybe not exactly a failure, but not as successful as the original iPad was.

I think the naysayers are completely out to lunch, and it's not just because I am a rabid fan of Apple products. Follow along as I go through my reasoning as to why the iPad 2 is going to be a resounding success for Apple.

Newer is better (or at least that's the perception)

Unlike the innovators and early adopters who write for tech blogs, there are a lot of people who don't buy the first round of anything; instead, they wait until the second edition becomes available. I heard this a lot from people who were gazing at my iPad with lust in their eyes: "I really want to get one, but I'm going to wait until the second generation comes out."

For those who waited, they now have their chance to get an iPad that is demonstrably better than the first model. It has cameras, it has a dual-core processor, and it has graphics capabilities that are much better than what came with the first-generation iPad. Those people who waited are still in the "early majority" of consumers, so they'll still appear to be ahead of the curve in terms of being technological leaders to their friends.

I think we'll see a lot of people who were on the fence about buying an iPad suddenly deciding to pick up an iPad 2. The features of the newer tablet address many of the complaints that the tech press had about the original iPad, and for a number of people, those features will take down the last barrier to making a purchase decision. Even if the iPad 2's specs aren't a huge step forward over the original iPad, for many people the perception is that "newer is better," and that perception is all it takes for someone to make a purchasing decision.

Many networks are better than one

When the original iPad hit the stores last year, it was available only in the United States, and for a while it was Wi-Fi only. When the Wi-Fi + 3G model finally made it to market, it was only available on the AT&T network. For a lot of people on the Verizon network the iPad wasn't an option, as they didn't want to get a Wi-Fi version with a MiFi tacked on.

With the iPad 2, we'll see availability of GSM and CDMA models (as well as the Wi-Fi only version) immediately. Better network coverage by two American mobile carriers will make for less indecision on the part of potential buyers. As noted in the next section of this post, there will also be faster worldwide availability of the iPad 2, most of those devices connecting to GSM-based networks around the globe.

Greater Retail Availability

Last April during the launch of the iPad, there was one place you could buy one: at an Apple Store in the United States. As time went by, availability grew dramatically. AT&T Stores started carrying the iPad, then Verizon was selling them with mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. Best Buy had 'em, along with Target, Walmart and Sam's Club. The iPad is now sold in a huge number of countries worldwide, and the iPad 2 will only see a two-week delay before it starts appearing in overseas markets.

More instant availability in stores is going to make the iPad 2 even more of an impulse buy for people who were considering the original iPad but decided to wait.

FaceTime (almost) everywhere

Although I've heard other tech bloggers pooh-poohing the impact of FaceTime on the iPad, I think that it's going to make the new device even more popular that the original. FaceTime has made it very easy for anyone with a Mac, iPhone, and now an iPad to easily make face-to-face video calls.

So why will FaceTime on the iPad be so compelling? It's the size of the screen. Sure, those Apple iPhone 4 ads last year tugged at the heartstrings and made video calling look like something that all the cool kids were doing. In reality the 3.5" screen of an iPhone 4 doesn't have the impact of the iPad 2's 9.7" screen, even if it does have almost the same number of pixels.

Rather than having the family huddle around an iPhone 4 screen to make a FaceTime call to Dad in Afghanistan, they can now use an iPad 2 to make the call and everyone can see the screen. FaceTime's ease of use compared to other solutions (i.e., Skype, Google chat, and other video chat options) and the new portability of the application on a large-screen device like the iPad 2 are sure to make it a selling point for many potential tablet buyers.

iPad 2 May Repeat Success Of iPad With New Features Market is expecting iPad 2 to be priced in the similar price range. Seven Key Features that could increase the chances of Apple iPad 2's Success in Tablet PC World and US Markets.

Competition? What competition?

Earlier today, Apple stock blogger "Sammy the Walrus IV" provided an enlightening analysis over at Business Insider about the iPad's market share. While Steve Jobs noted during his talk on Wednesday that "Many have said (iPad) is the most successful consumer product ever launched. Over 90% market share and our competitors were flummoxed," a lot of people were wondering where that number came from. After all, Strategic Analytics had showed the iPad's market share to be around 75% and dropping rapidly.

I won't go through the details here, as Sammy provides a logical argument in his post, but if you look at actual devices sold and not just shipped, Apple's market share does appear to be over 90%. Now, there is a certain percentage of the population that wouldn't buy an Apple product even if it was the only available product in its class, but a lot of people want to go with the market leader. Why? Just because they know that they're making a solid and safe purchasing decision.

During CES 2011, we heard about over a hundred new tablet devices that are expected to hit the market this year. Given the number of manufacturers who are going to be creating "me too" Android tablets, the noise and confusion in that part of the market is going to be tremendous. Sure, a few larger players like Samsung and HTC may pick up market share percentage points here and there, but faced with the overwhelming variety of devices that are going to be coming out, it seems likely that the average consumer will go with the iPad 2 because it's a safe decision.

Apps make the device

Robert Scoble made a good point in a post on March 2nd: "No apps, no sale." For the iPad and iPad 2, there are already 65,000 apps available. As he points out, the highly-touted (and over-advertised) Motorola Xoom has a whopping total of 16 apps, and most of those are smartphone versions that are stretched to fit the larger screen rather than apps that have been specifically designed for the big screen. As we all found out last April, stretched apps look like crap.

As for the other platforms, HP's TouchPad and BlackBerry's PlayBook, there are no apps right now. Zip. Neither of those devices are even shipping right now. Scoble also points out that in terms of hardware specs, most of these devices are remarkably similar to the iPad 2. So what does the iPad 2 have that the others don't? A huge variety and depth of apps.


I'm sure that this post will generate a lot of comments. There will be those who agree with my points and believe that the iPad 2 is going to do even better than the original, and then there will be those who think that the rising tide of Android devices is going to knock Apple out of the tablet business altogether. Whatever your feelings, we'd like to hear them in the comments. Just one thing: please respect your fellow commenters and don't make personal attacks.

Very true, the app market gives Apple a big advantage over their competitors although the Android market is becoming huge now also, there is also more free content through Android. I agree that Apple will be a success with the iPad 2 because they have this great ability to dominate markets. Will be interesting to see if the iPad 2 is as successful though.

[via tuaw]

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPod

6:34 PM

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodI'm going to buy the iPad  now the price has dropped 10 ways to re-use an old PC. Bring new life to your old  machines Learn more about the Teufel Concept B 200: Top  performance at a great price. Use Your Old iPhone as a iPod  Touch Is there a way to use google to make calls? Tell me more. 10 Ways To Make Your Laptop Run More Efficiently · Best Resources

You just got a new iPod or other music player over the holidays, and your older iPod looks like Craigslist fodder. Here are at least 10 reasons to re-consider its worthiness.

In general, we're asking anyone thinking about ditching their older iPod to consider what it truly is—a super-slim, substantial storage device, from which you can do, well, just about anything you'd do with a USB or external drive, with a convenient tiny screen and headphone jack attached. So we've compiled ten of our best tools for making the most of an older iPod below. Read on, plug in your tried-and-true iPod, and get creative. Photo by ZabriskiePoint.

1. Make it a flash card player

Whether you're prepping for a presentation or cramming for a test, your iPod can be a much more convenient way to carry your memory-boosting flash cards around than trying to cram a whole deck of 3x5s in your pocket. Mac OSX Hints has a through guide to transforming Keynote slides into iPod-ready picture slides, but any slide presentation maker that can export slides to picture files can create a folder that you simply sync up to your iPod. Your mileage will vary with your screen size and clarity, but for straight-up words, it's a handy hack. Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion blog details a similar spin on using your iPod as a presentation tool.

2. Instant stereo, just add speakers

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodNo matter how old your iPod, it's still a pretty efficient music holder and player. If you're hesitant to shell out big cash for a full-fledged stereo system, your trusty iPod is a great hub for your music. CNET details why you should give your iPod speakers, noting the benefits of simultaneously ditching your actual-plastic CDs—or at least putting them deep into storage—and simplifying your music life through the power of "Shuffle." It's not a solution for audiophiles, but it is the start of a no-hassle, instant-on system for any room in the house.

3. Your portable drinks/recipe/Wikipedia reference

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodNext time your dinner party or casual chat session turns into a debate about what happened to the star of A Christmas Story or how to properly make a sidecar, pull out your spare iPod and put the details to rest. The fully-fledged Encyclopodia project can put the majority of Wikipedia's useful articles on your iPod without messing up its main functions. iPod Bartender puts just what you think it might into your player, and those who don't like printing or lugging a laptop into their kitchen just for recipe reference should take a look at PodGourmet.

4. Make it your backup drive

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodSimple, but supremely useful, enabling and using an iPod's "Disk Mode"—basically opening up for use as a USB drive—pays off in a number of ways. After speeding up your iPod drive with disk defragging, you can boot your Mac from it, use it with most any Windows backup program that lets you choose a save location, automatically back up your Mac home folder with iPodBackup, and generally stash away anything you want on one of the most space-optimized drives around.

5. Free it from iTunes' grasp

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodIf you live in a world of Windows systems and you're sick of being tied down to iTunes and its memory-hogging tendencies, you don't have to live with it. Back in 2006, Adam showed us how to make a self-sustaining iPod using the free vPod software. vPod's author notes that the tool for directly adding your music doesn't work with the newer firmwares available for most iPods since iTunes upgraded beyond 7.3, but for an older unit that's been gathering dust, that's probably not an issue. For a newer spin on no-iTunes-required, take a look at Adam's newer iPod independence guide, or check out SharePod, Songbird, MediaMonkey a try. And then there's Floola, in a class by itself because it can run directly from your iPod and transfer songs on and off it.

Low-risk uses — like ReadyBoost — might be the best way to keep your Either way, there's simply no better use for an old iPod than to create Best Ways Reuse and Get Creative with Your Old iPhone requires a Moleskine notebook, an iPod Touch (or your extra iPhone), an X-Acto knife, and some PVA glue.

6. Make a stand-alone, bootable XP computer from it

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodSure, you can carry around the portable versions of your favorite Windows apps on your iPod's drive, but you can ensure absolutely nothing gets changed on your friends' and relatives' PCs by booting your own Windows system from your iPod. Gina detailed the process using an XP installation CD and the MojoPac software. The no-restrictions version isn't free ($29.99 for a license), but there's a free version that gives you a virtual XP desktop—and that might be just what you need.


7. Load it up with games

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodApple's iTunes store offers up games for both older video iPods and the newer iPod touch models, but if you're just looking for a little airport time-killing, why pay for your games, or feel forced into an upgrade? Install iPod Linux on nearly any iPod, and you'll be able to play games on your iPod for free. The previously screenshot-toured Rockbox also brings games onto your older music box, but the open-source Linux installation is a bit easier, and the games seem a bit more appealing.

8. Give it a new look with iPodWizard

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodIf you've got any iPod other than a second or third generation nano, the iPod classic, or the iPod touch, you can give it a new look and feel while keeping its basic controls in place. The free application iPodWizard does it with style, as we've shown you in our walkthrough and screenshot tour. Your friend/frenemy may have the hotter new gear, but only your iPod isn't sport the same old OS-X-lite look.

9. Turn it into an ultimate go-anywhere tool

Shelling out cash for larger jump drives when you've already got an iPod with a minimum of 4GB available isn't necessary. Gina put together a list of apps, files, and tools for putting your life on a portable drive, and these days, the average iPod can hold all that, your music, and probably a sizable batch of video files and photos with it. If, for example, you're never quite sure if you'll have access to a working copy of Microsoft Office when you need it, a full copy of OpenOffice.org 3.0 is available in a no-install, portable version that fits snugly into your little take-everywhere drive, as are plenty of other PortableApps.

10. Make a serious upgrade with RockBox

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodUntil you've taken the plunge and put Rockbox's new, improved firmware on your older iPod, you haven't seen the significant rebirth a seemingly dated device can undergo. Apple gave you a device that can play music, and maybe display photos or videos as well, but RockBox gives you games ranging from Sudoku to Doom, a calculator, a timer, much greater control over your files from your device, support for a wider range of music files, and much more. Check out our screenshot tour of RockBox 3.0, then go and grab the RockboxUtility for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems.

Recycle Your Old iPod for Cash Payments

One of the newest and most popular music devices of the last 5 years is the Apple iPod. The iPod provides you with thousands of songs or videos on a device that is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

The Waste Problem with iPods

To date Apple have sold just over 206 million iPods worldwide which has created a massive e-waste problem. Apple have designed their iPods to be only be replaceable with another iPod, which is great for Apple but not for the environment. Also the lithium batteries in an iPod can lose more than half their capacity after just a year of use, rather than buying a new battery many users simply purchase the latest iPod, the old iPod then gets thrown in the bin where it ends up on a landfill site where it will not break down and may pollute surrounding soil and waterways, damaging plant and wildlife.

This tiny electronic device that can provide you with thousands of songs and videos at the touch of a button will literally spend thousands of years on a rubbish tip.

Recycle Your Old iPod, Help Save the Environment and Earn Extra Cash

Top Best Ways to Reuse Your Old iPodThe great news is that there are now recycling companies where you can send your old working or non-working iPod(s) to be re-used or disposed of correctly, this will stop so many rotting away for many years on on rubbish tips and also help you to get some extra money in your pocket.

How Does it Work?

1. There are now many sites where you can trade in your old, unwanted or broken iPod for cash payments. To find out the various prices for each iPod model visit one of the following mobile recycling sites:

2. Select the iPod you want to sell from either the drop down box on each site or from the picture and add it to your basket. If you would like to add another simply repeat the process.

3. Register your details, accept any terms and conditions and follow through the checkout to submit your order. On the confirmation screen you will be provided with a freepost address which will also be confirmed via email.

4. Once your old iPod has been received it will be quickly checked over then you will be sent payment via whatever method you chose during registration. Payment options on each recycling site range from either cheque, bank transfer, cash at the post office (Mopay only) or for a slightly higher value various shopping vouchers.

Can i Sell Non-Working / Damaged iPods?

Yes, to sell damaged or non working iPods simply follow the standard procedure. Once your old iPod has been received you will be contacted to be offered a revised price.

What do you plan to do with your older iPod, or what have you done in the past when you got an upgrade? Tell us your reuse and renovation stories in the comments.

One of the best ways you can keep toxic electronic waste such as TVs, computers, cell phones, iPods  etc out of landfills is by reusing or repurposing your old electronics. You can repurpose an old desk top  as a backup server for If none of the above options of reusing your old electronics 10 Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad  But when you've run out of ways to reuse or repurpose your old Mac, what's the best way to recycle it? Here are a variety of Top 10 Concerns of Buying a VoIP Business Phone System

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