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Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPod

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Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPodApple will recycle your old iPod and cell phones for free. Top List of some of the most wanted eco-friendly gifts and items for The iPhone models are of course always wanted and recyclers will pay a healthy amount Mobile Phone Recycling - Different Ways For Recycling Old Phones Recycle Your Old iPod for Cash and Help Save the Environment.

Most Wanted Ways To Recycle Your Old iPod

A new iPod is on the way, and everybody loves the latest and greatest. Or maybe that first-generation click-wheeler you bought finally gave up the ghost, and you want to upgrade to a tiny little MP3 player.

If you're like me, you might have a drawer full of old iPods at home (honest, some were gifts!). What can you do with them? If the device is still functional, try giving it away. If friends and family are all set with MP3 players, offer it to your local Freecycle group and someone will surely pick it up.

What about fixing it? Contrary to popular opinion, you can have the battery replaced on an iPod. You'll have to send the device back to Apple. The new battery will cost from $49 to $79 depending on the iPod model, plus shipping and tax.

If the iPod is truly dead, don't just throw it in the trash. The plastics and metals that make up the device can be recycled, if you take it to the right place. The most obvious recycler is Apple itself. You can simply take the old iPod back to any Apple store, and you'll get a 10 percent discount off of a new iPod.

Give your computer a rest

Idle PCs still use electricity. Unplug your computer every night for one month, and you will reduce your CO2 emissions by 51 lbs this month.

Or go to Apple's iPod recycling site, fill out a form, and request a prepaid mailing label. Then send in your old iPod. Apple also recycles cell phones of any make and model (not just iPhones).

Another way to recycle that dead 'pod is the site This company buys used gadgets -- even non-working ones! -- and resells them. Broken electronics are scrapped for parts, so they're not wasted.

You get an immediate estimate for your device. I found that a totally dead first-generation iPod could earn about $4, while a working iPod Touch would garner nearly $100. BuyMyTronics also takes cell phones, PDAs, laptop computers, and game consoles.

So don't leave that old, sad iPod sitting in a drawer anymore. And definitely don't chuck it in the garbage. Give it back to Apple or recycle it for cash, and you can move on to the next song with a clear conscience.

Here are ways to recycle 10 of the most common electronic BuyMyTronics may pay as much as a few hundred dollars for your old iPod  Recycle Old iPods And Earn Cash First we had mobile phone recycling, now selling your old iPods is becoming all the range. Digital camera has brought revolutionized the way of capturing the We know that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment Recycle your computer, phone, or iPod. And you may get something in return. Apple reduces energy use in our facilities in a number of ways.

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